Living Room Makeover: Color Board

This is where we began with our living room.  A dark navy blue.  This room doesn’t get much natural light so the darkness of the wall makes the room feel closed-in.

Picking a color pallet is hard.  With the mountain of paint cards, feeling like an avalanche of color could fall on you if you breathe too hard, the options are almost too much to handle…this one’s got too much brown, too much red, too much purple.  And the “inspiration” booklets they have never look like the paint that ends up on the walls (I know from experience, a soft white looked more like bubble gum pink when it was actually on the wall).  But having an inspiration to begin with is the key to a successful trip to the paint store – be it a picture, fabric, or even an antique.  Here is my inspiration color board.  Phase 1 is complete.  Now comes the painting…trying to squeeze it in over the coming weekends, but you know how life goes.