DIY Wall Hook

I’m a pack rat.  I keep extra screws, hooks, doohickeys, watchamacallits and assorted bits and pieces that once functioned as part of a complete item…you never know when you might need a flugelbinder (a throw back reference to Little Mermaid if you didn’t catch it).  But this time it paid off.  This was a project I completed a few months ago.  A sweet little cabinet was just cast to the curb.


Here’s the before…notice the mismatched doors.



After…no doors.  Yep, I kept them.  I figured the one craftsman style door was pretty enough to use somehow.


So this brings me to my DIY Wall Hook.  You guessed it, I used the door.  And thanks to some extra hooks and wire, I had all the materials to complete this project.


Materials:  Door (or any funky, flat piece), wire, screws, hooks

Measure the appropriate placing for the hanger screws and sink the screw in half way so that you can wrap the wire.

Helpful Hint:  Leave enough wire to wrap around the hanging wire for extra support.  Also, be sure to take note of the weight limit for the wire.

Measure equal spacing for your hooks, mark the drill holes, secure the hooks.

A perfect resting place for the dog’s leash, a light jacket, scarf or keys.  Hope you like my little pack rat rack.