Key West Style Diary: Day 1

After a quick stop at the Cuban Coffee Queen for a cup of café con leche, I wandered down the cobblestone sidewalk to find myself at the entrance of Style Key West.  Situated in a section of the reconstructed Key West Terminus, the store itself is filled with whimsical home accents, island chic furniture and gorgeous glass lamps.  The vibe is light and welcoming.  From the first step through the grand double doors, I fell in love with the oversized picture windows, vaulted wood plank ceiling and exposed beams, all characteristic of classic Key West architecture.  Owner and decorator Jo Coveny has seamlessly merged the décor flavor of the keys with classic farmhouse vintage.  Thank you Jo for graciously allowing me to feature your charming store.


2 thoughts on “Key West Style Diary: Day 1

  1. Thanks so much for featuring Style Key West! Love the pictures (I may steal some for our site…)

    Looking forward to seeing more of you house renovation by the way. I love your bungalow and am not just a little jealous of your fireplace (we live in a townhouse with NO fireplace – it’s just wrong).

    • Thanks Kate! Don’t be fooled by the fireplace…it doesn’t work, and yes, it’s just wrong. But luckily the reno includes a new, functional fireplace. You are welcome to any of the pics. All my best! Shelly

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