NY Fashion Week – Candela Spotlight

Thanks to my favorite flash sale site ideeli, you too can own a little piece of NY Fashion Week.  But hurry, the sale ends in 1 day!


These fabulous outfits are going in my virtual shopping cart.  I love the glamorous cowgirl looks mixed with some fantastic girls night out dresses, and of course, the shoes!  Yum.

Why I love it:  The designer, Gabriela Perezutti, so uniquely blends the urban vibe of the city (NYC, that is) with definite homage to her family’s Uruguayan ranching roots, hence the nod to equestrian design elements.


Organization Kick: The Shoe Organizer Bandwagon

Whether it’s via Pinterest or other blogs, I’ve seen a great obsession lately with using shoe organizers for anything but.

Kitchen Organization

via Pinterest

Herb Garden

via Pinterest

Cleaning Supplies

via DreamGreenDIY

The possibilities are endless!  I just so happen to have a shoe organizer buried in the abyss of the guest closet.  So I dug it out and hung it in my bathroom to organize my hair products, lotions, curling iron, straightener, hairdryer…you get the idea.  As I finished curling my hair this morning, I reached for my hairspray so conveniently located at eye level, within arms reach behind the door (sure beats bending down to retrieve it from the cabinet…lazy, yes…but also keeps things in their proper place so an avalanche of products won’t bury me in my bathroom floor).  Here’s my take on the shoe organizer mania.

Bathroom Organization Bliss

Fabulously Creative Jewelry Displays

A little inspiration for your Monday.  Check out these gorgeous ways to showcase your baubles and bling.

via bhg.com

via findingfabulousblog.com

via remodelaholic.com

via livecreatingyourself.com – love her stuff…more to see here

via the borrowedabode.com

Stay tuned later this week for my DIY Jewelry Display.



Living Room Makeover: Color Board

This is where we began with our living room.  A dark navy blue.  This room doesn’t get much natural light so the darkness of the wall makes the room feel closed-in.

Picking a color pallet is hard.  With the mountain of paint cards, feeling like an avalanche of color could fall on you if you breathe too hard, the options are almost too much to handle…this one’s got too much brown, too much red, too much purple.  And the “inspiration” booklets they have never look like the paint that ends up on the walls (I know from experience, a soft white looked more like bubble gum pink when it was actually on the wall).  But having an inspiration to begin with is the key to a successful trip to the paint store – be it a picture, fabric, or even an antique.  Here is my inspiration color board.  Phase 1 is complete.  Now comes the painting…trying to squeeze it in over the coming weekends, but you know how life goes.

DIY Wall Hook

I’m a pack rat.  I keep extra screws, hooks, doohickeys, watchamacallits and assorted bits and pieces that once functioned as part of a complete item…you never know when you might need a flugelbinder (a throw back reference to Little Mermaid if you didn’t catch it).  But this time it paid off.  This was a project I completed a few months ago.  A sweet little cabinet was just cast to the curb.


Here’s the before…notice the mismatched doors.



After…no doors.  Yep, I kept them.  I figured the one craftsman style door was pretty enough to use somehow.


So this brings me to my DIY Wall Hook.  You guessed it, I used the door.  And thanks to some extra hooks and wire, I had all the materials to complete this project.


Materials:  Door (or any funky, flat piece), wire, screws, hooks

Measure the appropriate placing for the hanger screws and sink the screw in half way so that you can wrap the wire.

Helpful Hint:  Leave enough wire to wrap around the hanging wire for extra support.  Also, be sure to take note of the weight limit for the wire.

Measure equal spacing for your hooks, mark the drill holes, secure the hooks.

A perfect resting place for the dog’s leash, a light jacket, scarf or keys.  Hope you like my little pack rat rack.